Spartan’s Best Friend

Petey with Mr. & Mrs. Rich.

Petey with Mr. & Mrs. Rich.

Kayla Buckmaster

Name: Petey

Owner: GEHS English teacher Barry Rich

Breed: Half Labrador retriever and half catahoula

Age: Five, but according to Mr. Rich he acts like he’s two.

Petey is a quiet dog who has four different colors. He loves tennis balls, and playing fetch with himself. Mr. Rich said that his favorite thing to do with Petey is have deep and intellectual conversations. According to him, Petey is “the most optimistic creature God has ever created.” His favorite food is fried chicken (boneless of course). The Riches dress him up in a plaid coat on Christmas, and he also has little bells that he wears. Petey (unlike most of us) loves coming to school–he likes to sniff the gum under the tables.