Beautiful Birds of West Virginia


Red Cardinal in the winter.

Liana Brooks, Visual Editor

West Virginia is known for its rolling hills and stunning mountains, but the state is also home to some beautiful birds. West Virginia has 366 different species of birds; they all show up at various times of the year, and many can easily be seen in your backyard. Here are a few to look for.

The bright red Northern Cardinal, which was declared the state bird in 1949, is seen year-round. The Tufted Titmouse is also seen year-round, but more commonly in the colder months. With their black crest/crown, these birds’ stand out from others. The male and female are remarkably similar in size and shape, but you can identify them with the help of their tufted crest. The Common Yellowthroat is a small bird from the Parulidae family that appears during the months of April to October and mostly eats seeds, green fruits, berries, and sometimes nuts. They even eat small insects including several types of caterpillars, spiders, and beetles. Tree Swallows, seen from March to October, are known for their tree chipping habit, and you won’t be able to miss their beautiful blue and white plumage. They like to eat small seeds and nuts, but they also eat berries, fruits, and small insects, worms, and insect larvae. 

West Virginia is full of wildlife and is a wonderful place to see birds you have never seen before.